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Powder coating line
[Principle illustration]
Working principle: The powder is sent into to the powder gun after being mixed with air in the powder feeder. The high voltage generated by the high-voltage static generator is connected to the inside or front of the powder gun. The powder is electrically charged inside or at the outlet of the powder gun. Under the co-effects of pneumatic and static force, the powdery particles are sprayed directionally to the targeted surface of the work piece, and at the same time also absorbed to the back of the work piece. When the thickness of the powder attached to the work piece exceeds a certain limit, electrical static repulsion occurs, after which, powder is not easily absorbed to the surface of the work piece any more, which makes the paint film on the work piece even. 
Redundant powder is absorbed to the surface of the cartridge under the effects of wind. The compressed air, under the effects of the pulse controller and electromagnetic valve, generates pulses to the cartridge intermittently, making powder absorbed to the surface of the cartridge fall to the powder feeder at the bottom of the recovery device. 
[Equipment composition]
The powder spray line is composed of the stainless steel powder spray booth, the spray coating system, the single-stage cartridge recovery, the powder solidification bake tunnel, the block conveyor, the power distribution cabinet, and the trolley. 
[Equipment characteristics]
     1. The powder spray booth uses cartridge recovery to reduce turbulence in the spray booth more properly. In the powder spray booth, the air flow is controlled excellently and the dead zone is minimized to keep the continuous stability of air flow and high powder adhesion rate. 
     2. Shaped boards are bolded together, resulting in convenient and speedy transport and installation, and convenient and safe operation and maintenance. 
    3. High-density acoustic panels are attached to the fan chamber board to absorb the noise generated from high-speed rotating of fans, resulting in an improved silent working environment for operators. 
    4. Unique cartridge separation and efficient recovery guide tube make the powder recovery rate up to above 95%.
[Project example]