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Electrical control cabinet control system
The electrical control system uses PLC to achieve central control. The contactor, thermal relay and electrical components are all famous international or domestic products. 
The electrical control system uses the PLC for control purpose. The electrical control system has control, parameter setting, monitoring and parameter display, and fault alarm functions. Every unit may be controlled separately and the main circuit has multiple protection measures, such as: over current, overload, short circuit and phase-loss protection. The control box has many advantages, including high precision, complete functionality, simple operation, and safe and reliable performance. Cables for the electrical components are placed in outdoor cable grooves and protected against explosion hazards. In working condition, if the equipment is troubled with any fault when a working procedure is completed, the system will start fault detection automatically and turn off the equipment. The equipment will not be turned on in fault state. All electrical equipment should meet the national fire-proof and anti-explosion requirements.