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Retractable mobile spray booth
[Retractable mobile spray booth] 
Working principle:  
The retractable mobile front chamber is a structure of steel frames, which can stretch and move back and forth. The sliding connection mechanism between the frames ensures that the frames can be driven by the driver to move horizontally and vertically along the track on the ground, and at the same time drive the tarpaulin to open or fold. When the mobile front chamber is retracted and folded, the work piece is moved into the work area, while when it’s opened, the work piece can be painted or polished. During no-paint work hours, the front chamber may be folded to free the ground to do other operations across painting.
◆ The electrical retractable mobile front chamber is a utility-type product designed specifically by us to solve the problem of difficult movement of large and medium-sized work pieces;   
◆ It simplifies the working process in which heavy work pieces which should be carried by overhead traveling crane move about repeatedly; 
All-steel framed structure, double-mechanized drivers, two-stage safety limit, and ensured safe and stable operation;
The frames are connected and sealed with flaming-retardant and anti-corrosive PVC tarpaulin in between, which shows a firm, stable, tidy and beautiful appearance on the whole; 
The mobile front chamber is installed with anti-explosion lamps to ensure brightness in the chamber;
◆ Various non-standard designs of different sizes and types may be made according to users’ needs, with high flexibility.
[Work process of retractable mobile front chamber]
Retractable front chamber retracted and folded --- Work piece moved and located --- Retractable front chamber unfolded to cover the work piece --- Work piece painted --- Retractable front chamber retracted and folded --- Work piece moved out of the painting ground