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Large drying booth
[Working principle of energy-efficient drying]
     As regards the schematic diagram for drying, the conventional drying booth uses air house to send hot air and partial circulation. We have independently designed and developed this type of drying booth, which employs hot air circulating and uninterrupted filtering. In the condition of drying, the pressure in the booth is micro positive pressure; the heating is achieved by electricity, fuel oil, natural gas, or infrared. The heated air, under the effects of fan, is sent to the equalized air filter layer for filtering purpose; the hot air goes into the booth to heat the paint film. Under the effects of the induced draft fan, the air of falling temperature is filtered through the filtering layer at the inlet of the fan, and reenters the combustion chamber for heating circulation. A small part of air, under the effects of the waste gas treatment pipeline, enters the waste gas treatment unit for treatment purpose. After full combustion, the final gas carbon dioxide and water are emitted into the atmosphere. 
[Performance characteristics of energy-efficient drying booth]
     1. Convenient installation: Convenient installation and removal, small floor space; indoor or outdoor installation;  
     2. Efficient and economical: Absorb a great deal of heat in air by consuming only a some amount of electricity, which is only 1/3 to 1/4 of the heater; compared with driers using coal, oil and gas as energy, it can save approximately 75% operating cost, i.e. 1 kilowatt of power is used as 4 kilowatts of power here.   
     3. Environmental and pollution-free: Without any burning matter or emission, it’s an environmentally friendly product for sustainable development. 
     4. Safe and reliable operation: The operation of the whole system is free from risks such as fire, explosion, poisoning, short circuit which are possible in conventional driers (using oil, gas or electricity for heating), so it’s an absolutely safe and reliable totally-enclosed drying system. 
     5. Long service life and low maintenance cost: Being developed on the foundation of the conventional air conditioning technology, it’s mature in technology, and it performs well in a reliable and steady way, which ensures long service life; with automatic unmanned operation and smart control, it’s safe and reliable, 
     6. Comfortable, convenient, automatic, highly intelligent: Automatically controlled thermostat for 24h non-stop drying.
     7. A flammable gas alarm may be installed, if a user so requests. 
[Scope of application]
  Not subject to climate: It’s widely used for heating and drying for the industries such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, leather, timber and agricultural product processing. 
[Working diagram]

Air filter layer
Air equalizing chamber 
Air supply duct
Heat exchanger
Filter layer
Fresh air inlet 
Underground air duct