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   [Working principle of cyclone dust collector] The single-cylinder cyclone air stream has different inertial centrifugal forces to dust particles and air, making the dust particles separ... [Read More]
  The electrical control system uses PLC to achieve central control. The contactor, thermal relay and electrical components are all famous international or domestic products.  The electric... [Read More]
  [Spray production line]  We use advanced reliable production technologies and modern style management approaches. The requirements for coating process, sanitation and production guidelin... [Read More]
  [Principle illustration] Working principle: The powder is sent into to the powder gun after being mixed with air in the powder feeder. The high voltage generated by the high-voltage static ge... [Read More]
  [Working principle of energy-efficient drying]      As regards the schematic diagram for drying, the conventional drying booth uses air house to send hot air and partial c... [Read More]
  [Spray and drying combined dual purpose booth] The spray and drying combined dual purpose booth is a new dry type spray booth, which can cleans the air, with room temperature conditioning for... [Read More]
  [Working principle of equipment] The working principle of try spray booth: The outdoor air, after being filtered by the primary filter screen, is sent by the fan to the top of the spray booth... [Read More]
  [Working principle of water curtain paint spray booth] This side water curtain paint spray is open type paint spray, with the paint spray area at the front of the water curtain cabinet, and t... [Read More]
[Working principle of water cyclone spray booth] In working condition, the spray booth is driven by the air conditioning supply fan, exhaust fan and circulating pump. The fresh outdoor air is clean... [Read More]
  [Retractable mobile spray booth]  Working principle:   The retractable mobile front chamber is a structure of steel frames, which can stretch and move back and forth. The sli... [Read More]
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