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  [Characteristics of the equipment]     1. There is no need to dig deep trenches (or no pits at all), which means reduced infrastructure cost and shortened construction period;... [Read More]
  [Environmentally-friendly dust removing equipment]   The environmentally-friendly dust collector, besides specially serving as an accessory for sand blasting and shot blasting equi... [Read More]
  [Working principle of press-in sand blaster] The press-in sand blaster is driven by compressed air to make the abrasive pressed into the sand conveying pipe and ejected from the nozzle throu... [Read More]
  [Dust separator] The mixture of sand (shot) and dust is recovered from the cellular floor board. This mixture should be processed by the sand-dust separator to make the sand (shot) apart fro... [Read More]
   [Cellular sand absorbing floor board]   The cellular sand absorbing floor board is developed by us by using domestic technologies. For this cellular sand absorbing floor board, ... [Read More]
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