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Structural work piece spray line
[Spray production line] 
We use advanced reliable production technologies and modern style management approaches. The requirements for coating process, sanitation and production guidelines are met; planning is made on a whole and the logistics is reasonable; the equipment is good-looking in appliance, it operates in a reliable, convenient and economical way, and it’s repaired easily. 
[Pretreatment equipment]
The pretreatment equipment includes two types, i.e. wet treatment and dry treatment. Wet treatment includes spray skim phosphating; wet treatment includes sand blast and shot blast cleaning, suitable for heavy work pieces of simple structure, and heavily rusty steel work pieces without or with little oil. No water pollution. 
[Spray production process]
The coating line is composed of seven parts, including: the pre-treatment equipment, the powder spray system, the paint spray equipment, the bake oven system, the heat source system, the lighting system, the electric control system, and the suspension conveying chain.  
[Project example]