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Wind circulating sand (Shot) blast booth
[Characteristics of the equipment]
    1. There is no need to dig deep trenches (or no pits at all), which means reduced infrastructure cost and shortened construction period; 
    2. The cellular sand absorbing floor board is used for sand recovery, without auger, belt conveyor, bucket elevator or other conventional conveying machineries, avoiding wearing and clogging of conveying machines, bearings and motors in the process of shot conveying and elevating, hence low failure rate and small maintenance workload; 
    3. The “top air intake and bottom air sucking” style shot recovery method is adopted to make the shot blast booth always in the condition of micro static pressure, so that the space in the booth is always clearly visible, which ensures a good working environment for the operators.  
    4. The abrasive separating device may adjust the separation strength according to the process requirements to achieve automatic circulating recovery, resulting in improved use ratio of abrasive and clearing efficiency of sand blast;  
    5. In the sand blast system, one sand blast can may work wither multiple high-speed blast guns, each of which may be controlled separately, resulting in improved use ratio of abrasive and cleaning efficiency of shot blast;
    6. Internationally advanced technology is used for filter element style dust collecting. The dust emissions of the sand (shot) blast booth are much lower than the environmental requirements of the State. 
Schematic diagram for sand blast equipment
Clean air
Dust particle 
Abrasive for circulation 
Large granular impurities 
Clean dry compressed air 
[Working principle of the equipment]
    1. Open the fan and the light and feed the shot into the cellular floor board. 
    2. Send the trolley loaded with the work pieces into the sand blast booth and close the gate. 
    3. The outdoor air enters the sand blast booth via the air inlet top down, downward pressing like rain spray.
    4. Open the blast gun, the compressed air (B1) enters the sand blast tank, and press out the shot from the sand outlet at the lower part of the tank; the compressed air (B2) presses the shot         pressed out of the tank into the blast gun (i.e. press-in type sand blast) to achieve sand/shot blasting.  
    5. The shot, impurities and dust produced during shot blasting are brought by air into the conveying pipes below the cellular recovery floor board and sent into the shot-dust separator via the sand (shot) elevating wind pipe.  
    6. The shot, impurities and dust are processed in the separator to make shot separated from dust. The reusable shot will fall into the shot bucket after classifying and then into the sand blast tank to achieve continuous shot blasting.    
    7. The impurities and dust separated from the shot separator are brought by air stream into the dust collector, processed in the dust collector by two-stage dust collecting, and after that, the impurities and dust go into the dust bucket and are collected by the automatic dust catching unit, while the clean air enters from the surface of the cartridge to the air outlet inside, and is then discharged into the atmosphere from the chimney by fans. 
 [Equipment structure]
Ises eight parts, i.e. the shot blast booth system, the shot recovery system, the separation system, the shot blast system, the dust collecting system, the conveying system, the dynamical system, and the control system.    
1. The shot blast booth system includes the shot blast booth body, the silencer, the operating platform, the lighting system, the trolley, the big/small doors, the observation window, the shot blast unit, and the gun. 
2. The shot recovery system is composed of the cellular recovery floor board, the shot conveying wind pipe, and the floor board barrier. 
3. The separation system is composed of the separator and the shot bucket.  
4. The shot blast system is composed of the shot blast tank, the automatic shot feed system, the blast gun, and the blast gun hose.  
5. The dust collecting system is composed of the aerodynamic dust collector and the automatic dust catching unit.  
6. The conveying system may use track type trolley or suspension chain according to different work pieces. 
7. Dynamical system: The shot collecting, conveying, separating and dust collecting for this equipment are all achieved by one or many fans, which are centrifugal fans of famous foreign brand made of compression molded galvanized sheets, with high blowing rate and good temperature performance, with or without noise reducing cover. Its noise level is in compliance with the environmental standard of the State.