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Paint spray booth with water curtain paint fog treatment
[Working principle of water curtain paint spray booth]
This side water curtain paint spray is open type paint spray, with the paint spray area at the front of the water curtain cabinet, and the paint spray position just opposite to the slope of the water curtain. In the process of paint spraying, the air in the paint spray area, with the effect of the exhaust fan, is absorbed into the water curtain cabinet, filtered by the water (membrane) curtain and the spray curtain, and separated by the gas-water separator, and then finally discharged by the exhaust fan. 
As regards the water circulation of the water curtain, the water in the pool is pumped by the water pump to the overflow channel at the top of the water curtain cabinet for overflow purpose, forms an layer of uniform 3-5mm thick water film on the stainless steel slope plate, in order to receive the paint fog in the paint spray area. Before the water film enters the pool, as there is certain height difference between the slope plate and the liquid level of the pool, water curtain is formed in this height, so the paint fog, by the effect of wind, will be filtered by this water curtain when passing it. In addition, the circulating pipeline has a sprayer in front of the gas-water separator to make the waste gas further filtered. Water containing paint granules is solidified by flocculating agent released in the pool. The flocculating agent may be replaced after some time. The remaining water will be circulated continuously by the water pump.
[Structure of equipment]
The paint spray booth is equipped with the booth body system, the exhaust system, the lighting system, the water curtain paint fog treatment system, and the control system, etc. 
[Schematic diagram of water curtain paint spray booth]

Exhaust duct
Exhaust fan
Baffle board
Water curtain
Water pump 
Schematic diagram for paint spray operation