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Water cyclone paint fog treatment spray booth
[Working principle of water cyclone spray booth]
In working condition, the spray booth is driven by the air conditioning supply fan, exhaust fan and circulating pump. The fresh outdoor air is cleaned through the air inlet, sent by the air conditioning supply fan into the dynamic pressure chamber, where there are baffle plates and dividers, which make the air flow to the static pressure chamber evenly. The filter cotton at the bottom of the static pressure chamber further adjusts the pressure of the air flow and intercepts dust in solid state. The clean air enters the chamber in laminar flows, forming orderly streams around the work area, preventing the paint fog from dispersing all around, thus to protect the safety of workers. With the effects of the air flow, the air streams pass the water cyclone in an orderly manner, by which the water is turned into fine droplets to clean the paint fog to achieve the objective of air cleaning. The paint fog generated in painting, under the laminar flow effects of the air supply system, is forced by the exhaust fan to pass the water cyclone. After being cleaned and flushed, the paint fog is caught and, with under the effects of paint coagulant, is coagulated, and is picked up regularly. The water is recycled. 
The water cyclone hydraulic spray booth has the following characteristics:
1. Good environment in the workshop, and excellent quality of painted work; 
2. Good operating environment, which is spacious and bright, for workers, with high work efficiency;  
3. In compliance with the standard in terms of labor and environmental protection, with high catch and absorption efficiency of paint fog and dissolvent;  
4. Safe and reliable, low maintenance workload, beautiful and practical. 
[Equipment composition of water cyclone spray booth]
It’s composed of the air conditioning supply device, spray booth body, water circulating system, sewage treatment system, exhaust system, lighting system, and electrical control system. 
[Use scope of water cyclone spray booth] 
The water cyclone spray booth is suitable for large engineering machinery, engineering vehicles, automobiles and other fields of machinery.  
[Principle of water cyclone spray booth]
Schematic diagram for water cyclone spray booth
Primary inlet filter screen 
Supply fan
Precision sub-high efficient filter screen
Gridding plate
Lighting device
Induced draft fan 
Waste gas outlet
Sediment plate
Hydraulic cyclone 
Striking plate 
Guide rail 
[Project example]