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Spray and drying combined booth
[Spray and drying combined dual purpose booth]
The spray and drying combined dual purpose booth is a new dry type spray booth, which can cleans the air, with room temperature conditioning for paint spraying and drying operations. With the dual-purpose booth, the two working operations paint spray and drying can be done adjust after positioning of a work piece, which can prevent dust from falling on the paint film which is not dry yet during movement, resulting in improved quality of paint film. 
[Working principle of paint spray]
The outdoor air is filtered through the primary filter screen (the air should be heated for operation in winter), sent to the top of the baking booth by fan, further filtered and cleaned through the filter screen at the top, and then sent to the booth, in which the air is all down, flowing downward at a certain speed, preventing the paint fog particles from staying in the air, and making them directly go into the outlet filter unit at the bottom, thus to eliminate over-sprayed paint fog and harmful gas generated in paint spraying. The treated waste gas will be exhausted directly out of the booth from the exhaust vent, thus to ensure the absolute freshness of the air in the booth, creating a safe and hygienic working environment.
[Working principle of baking finish]
For baking finish, heating is
[Structure of equipment]
The spray and drying dual-purpose booth is composed by the booth body, the heater, the air supply filter system, the paint fog filter unit and the induced draft system. 
[Purpose of equipment]
It’s suitable for painting operations for products of small output.